Pigeon Poop

Friday, oct.8, 2010 around 11:00 a.m. students gather at the LAU post to sit, hang around, chat, and even gossip. And the weirdest thing happened, and yet people dare and call it it’s a good thing; it’s a good omen. A girl standing at the middle of the post talking to her friends, when all of a sudden a pigeon poops on her!! What happened is that the girl noticed a jelly like sound splashing, looking around to find out what happened she met all pairs of eyes that were there on her. She found that the thing is on her, so everybody started laughing and then she realized the jelly like sound is a pigeon poop all on her shoulders. Friends, strangers started telling her it’s no big a deal it’s a good thing. Disgust was the expression on most people’s face and eventually for days she was the girl who the pigeon pooped on! So here’s a tip fellows avoid bushy trees and especially in the morning daytime because by then the pigeons are done with breakfast and onto missions. Plus in LAU nothing stays a secret and it’s definitely not the place to get embarrassed in.

I just want to say that riding off home to change and come back to university to attend class and especially being angry as hell was hectic ….. But eventually I made it on time J.


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