Yes They Still Exist

It’s so weird meeting some one and all of sudden you realize they’re not carrying a Blackberry. How odd is that??

InLebanonpeople always look up to the latest trends there is to be. Blackberry with its shiny and neon plastic covers have overwhelmed Lebanese citizen.

Teenagers and university students are covered with Blackberry, let’s just say covered because it has become more than just a device. How is that? Well, people check it before they go to bed and the first thing they do when they wake up.  Students don’t focus in class, but follow the red beep that comes at the top of the device. There’s no lunch time with parents there’s nodding while they yell at you to put it down. That’s just how things go.

Women are known to be bad drivers, but thanks to Blackberry; men are too!! Why the idea to text and drive isn’t dangerous to some? It is very bad and fatal to do so; I say that this addiction must come to an end or at least to a certain limits where jeopardizing one’s life and others is in concern.

It’s an addiction for communication. There are no social values anymore, but there is BBm importance. When meeting up with friends or co-workers, or classmates you always notice that little someone grabbing their Blackberry and chatting on it; while what should happen is giving attention to the person sitting right across of you.

Mohammad El Hage an accountant with a simple Nokia phone almost threw me off the edge for he is a Lebanese citizen with no Blackberry. He is much up to date like any other person with a smart phone, but doesn’t have one.

‘It’s just a trend like always, I do agree that, its application can come in handy, but the service that it provides drives me crazy. People are BBming most of the time, constantly updating their statuses, and some just don’t get the busy sign when its there. So for me it’s a disturbance where I can live without. It’s mainly making time to your work life, and opening up to your social one,’ El Hage said.

El Hage couldn’t but ask me one question that bothered him the most while I kept convincing him to have a Blackberry. ‘What do you and your friends talk about when you meet up, if you text most of the time, I’m sorry I mean all the time?’

Blackberry is a great service, it makes communication easier but like anything else in life it has its advantages and disadvantages. A person must know how to use it within certain limits. Some of us really get their job done by having one, and that I can say is one of the most important factors of owning a Blackberry. Getting back to El Hage’s question, girls just never run out of news, and Blackberry just helped us spread them faster!


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